every f*cking day of my life – a justified homicide?

      Following years of brutal domestic abuse, Wendy Maldanado and her son, Randy, murdered her husband, Aaron.  Following the bludgeoning, Wendy received a ten-year prison sentence while her son received a six-year ‘shock probation.’  
            Maldanado simply reacted out of self-defense.  Previously, her marriage could have been defined as ritualism by Merton’s Strain Theory.  In a moment of rebellion, she walked away from the life that she had known. 
            According to Durkheim’s Structural-Functional approach, deviance reassures the values and norms of culture and encourages social change.  Although the homicide of one’s spouse is arguable and is commonly frowned upon, being able to successfully escape a relationship which was physically and emotionally damaging the victim, the children, and everyone around them.
            Given these reasons, I do not believe that their sentence was justified.  Imprisoning someone for merely protecting themselves and their family makes no sense to me.  I think that Maldanado and her family should have received rehabilitation and counseling rather than jail time.  It is my belief that Wendy and Randy Maldanado should be credited with justifiable homicide.

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