transgenderism is a disease

My views on transgenderism is simple, neither side is right, and neither side is wrong.  (If you get confused on some of the terminology, scroll down to the bottom and I have definitions 🙂 )

To further evaluate what I mean when I say “side”, I mean the general leftists accepted view and the general rightists accepted view.

Leftist Accepted View – Transgenderism is a state of having the psyche of the opposite biological sex.  They reserve the right to transition medically as well as socially and to deny them this right is oppressive.

Rightist Accepted View – Transgenderism is a state of disillusionment.  They do not need the right to transition medically or socially and can sometimes be cured.  To grant them the right to socially transition is oppressive to everyone around them.

The first gender reassignment surgery was performed on Lili Elbe in Germany in 1930 (or, depending on your definition of reassignment, Dora Richter may earn that title).  Elbe first identified as the opposite gender when he volunteered to model for his spouse’s paintings in place of her absentee female model.  Soon, Elbe and her spouse moved to Paris where they could openly identify as transgender and lesbian.  A little over a year after reassignment surgery, Elbe had a uterus transplant, but died when her body refused the organ.

In 1966, Johns Hopkins hospital brought fame to the previously taboo operation.  As an effort to assist children suffering from intersex disorder, head of the Gender Identity Clinic, John Hoopes led the start of what would soon be a nationwide epidemic.

This is all great, in theory.  Having surgery for a psychiatric condition is wonderful, when it is treated as such.  Recently, there has been a social shift in sexual and gender identity.  It isn’t uncommon to see “agender” or “non-binary” or “MtF/FtM” in Instagram bios across the internet.  Freedom of expression litters social media and an improper usage of pronouns can fuel a fire that will illogically last for ages.

It almost seems as if gender identity and sexual identity are being combined.  Sex is your biological makeup, gender is your cultural makeup.  To say that you don’t identify with the gender identity placed on you by your culture is fine, but don’t confuse it with hatred for your genitalia.  If you’re a guy and want to point a giant middle finger up at the sky, then put on makeup and wear a dress, if you’re a girl, cut your hair and wear a tuxedo, but please, if it is not the effects of the disease that you feel, but the effects of your culture, don’t have your penis or your boobs cut off.

And yes, transgenderism is a disease Nicknamed transgenderism, gender dysphoria is not a feeling.

The same hospital that led the way for sexual reassignment surgery has now come out to say that it was a mistake.  The lines are too blurry and to alter your body for a psychiatric disorder is criticized under any other light.

We don’t give anorexics a prescription to starve themselves, so why do we practically do the same for transgenders?

70-80% of all “trans” kids later change their minds.  The suicide rate for those who transition versus those who don’t is twenty times higher

I’m tired of transgender being normal.  It isn’t.  If you feel a disconnect from your body and identity, you have a disease.  Although you have the right to do what you want – if you choose to alter your body, no one is stopping you – by doing that, are you letting the disease win?  Are you giving in to the biological makeup that you’ve grown to hate?

And parents of transgender children, no one knows before puberty of their sexual identity, so don’t doll your son up and make your daughter macho in defense of gender “nonconformity”.

To hate your body and wish it to be something different in any other context is considered a disorder.  Desperate wish to be thin?  Anorexia.  Wishing a part of your body to be removed/altered?  Body Integrity Disorder.  That is, unless you want your genitals removed, then you deserve parades and organizations dedicated to helping your disease win!

Anyway.  I cannot think of a single situation where gender dysphoria is not a disease.  I mean, unless you’re a radical gender nonconformist who doesn’t understand the difference between gender and sex.  In that case, you just need schooling.

As common sense would have it, the WHO and DSM-V have it classified as a disease.  I could reinstate that disease shouldn’t be popular, but I shouldn’t have to.

But please, if you’re a parent to a trans kid, encourage them to love who they are, and hopefully, they’ve just fallen into our cultural trap.  If you’re a doctor, don’t write off on gender reassignment hormones and surgery so quickly.  If you’re an advocate, remember that diseases aren’t fashion.  If you’re a sufferer of this disorder, please, reach out for help, and don’t give up.



Gender:  To identify socially as either masculine or feminine according to your society’s standards

Sex:  The biological identification of either masculine or feminine

Sexual Orientation:  To identify with sexually being attracted to certain genders

Transgender:  To identify as the opposite gender

Cisgender:  Identifying your gender with your biological sex

Agender:  Not identifying as any gender

FtM:  Female to Male

MtF:  Male to Female

Non-binary/Genderfluid:  Feeling as if you are both genders, either separately or at once

Transition:  Going through the process of converting from one gender to another

“T”:  A nickname for testosterone

LGBTQ+:  An abbreviation for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queers, and more

WHO:  World Health Organization



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