why sjws and trump trainers are the same

That title made some people mad.

SJW:  “Social Justice Warrior”.  Tumblrinas.  Extreme-leftist liberals.  Feminists who voted for Hillary Clinton.  Anti-gun.

  Trump TrainersNationalists.  Have American Flags in their trucks.  Extreme-rightist conservatives.  Potential racists who voted for Donald Trump.

Both are annoying.  Both refuse to admit their wrongs.  Both need to see the other side but won’t.

Core beliefs of an SJW:

–  Feminism

–  Racial Equality

–  Pro-Choice

–  Enviromentalists

–  Probably Veganism

Core beliefs of a Trump Trainer:

–  Patriarchy

–  Muslim Deportation and/or general apprehension

–  Extreme Capitalism

–  Facebook oversharing

–  Modesty


Yet, despite their differences.  They are one in the same.  Typically, SJWs are the rebellious children of Trump Trainers.  They think that by going on the extreme against their parents they will make a difference.  The normally major in Dance Therapy or Gender Studies or Sociology (no hate, I love sociology) yet complain when they’re a teacher.

Trump Trainers are the parents of SJWs who think that by believing the extreme opposite of their children they are somehow superior or original.  They normally major in Business or Marketing or something very pro capitalist.

Yes, this post is primarily satirical, but there is also a point that I want to make.  One must be willing to hear new ideas.  One must be willing to be open.  One must be willing to expand.  So, Trump Trainers and SJWs, I see absolutely no difference between the two of you until you grow up and admit that you still have to learn.  And you learn to argue intelligently.

I admit that this post probably was a compilation of random sentences bouncing around in my head, but it is the sixth consecutive post that I have written and I’ve been in Starbucks for three hours now.

But no matter your beliefs, you can always learn from the other side, so please, be willing to grow, and I will grow to respect you as a person.


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