two and a half minutes to midnight

On January 26th, the Bulletin of Scientists Science and Security Board (shew, that’s a mouthful) moved the Doomsday Clock up thirty seconds. We are now closer to midnight than we have been since 1953. 

  To elaborate, the Doomsday Clock is a hypothetical clock counting down towards imminent global catastrophe.  The countdown is determined by a group of scientists. 

  The recent move was allegedly due to disbelief in global warming and lack of respect for nuclear weaponry overseas.  The Bulletin is under mass scrutiny because they moved the hands due to the disbelief of one man.

  Now, when that one man is the President of the United States, his opinion is a bit important. However, these words have yet to move into actions and yet again, there’s an assumption. I don’t like Trump as much as the next guy, but he’s in office now and we have to deal with it. Trying to cause mass hysteria doesn’t help anyone. Just like the protesters, the Bulletin are doing the same, except on a scientific scale. 

  I don’t care who you voted for and who you support. There are actual problems in this world and we won’t solve them by doing nothing. 


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