{guest post} the future



For long I have been wondering what to do with my life and how things are starting to change. Growing up is not easy, especially when you have to live up to certain standards. When you are an adult your life is all about future aspirations and current problems. I didn’t want to be like everyone but yet our lives get strangled by frustrations of our souls. You all know the feeling. Your heart wants to do something, your mind tells you to something else and then there is an external being, an external force, a person, an influence no matter of what kind positive or negative. You are torn apart in your opinions and their opinions. Many people are doing good with their lives and they do it because they listen to their hearts. This is what we all should be doing but right we have our “future aspirations and current problems”. Its difficult to gather our courage and run towards our passion. It’s been long since I last wrote because I had been caught up in this crazy little world of these “future aspirations and current problems”. I know that its “logical” to think about your career and your future, but how good is it? If it is shrouded by the darkness of a desire that’s not your own, how good is it?

Thinking about the future that soon went astray

My mind kept baffling on a very different fray

Stepped up for every challenge, everyday

I didn’t look back for a minute from today

Today my heart is broken

But my soul feels the same strong way

I have learnt a small lesson that

Nothing in this world can bring you happiness

Nothing in this world but you

You can fight with the world no matter

But the fight you have with you

No one wins or loses, its only you

Thinking about the future that soon went astray

My mind kept baffling on a very different fray

What will I gain if I kept combating?

It’s not of use if it’s not worth fighting

My day went from dull to bright today

I had a revelation that life shouldn’t be lived this way

But what do I do, what do I do

My dreams are choking

And I’m becoming the murderer in inlay

Thinking about the future that soon went astray

My mind kept baffling on a very different fray

Let’s hope to bring the humour back

Let me try once again, let me try once again.


  I am the writer, I am the poet I cast spells of my words and I sing my duet! My words are my power, so just help me explore it! 🙂 Hey everyone, I’m just a girl who loves to write and bring your day to light. Join me on my blog iwordsfromtheheart.wordpress.com and see the magic of words unfold.


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