why the heart of libertarianism is pro-life

I am pro-life.

I am also, by definition, a liberal.  (Okay, I’m a moderate slightly erring to the side of liberalism.  Whatever.)

Have I caught your attention yet?

Being a raging Libertarian, it is my belief that people deserve rights.  They deserve the rights to sprout up and be the best kids that they can be.  They deserve the rights to succeed.  However, I believe that they also have the right to fail.  They have the right to fall flat on their faces again and again and again.  They have the right to waste their life.  They have the right to be the scum of the earth.

It is also my belief that these rights extend to ALL people.  They extend to the woman who denied chemo.  They extend to the man who is a prostitute.  They extend to the kid doing drugs.  They also extend to unborn children, who, by definition, are not consensual.

Despite the fight for rights, nearly everyone with a heart beating for libertarianism will agree – some people cannot consent and should be protected.  You are entitled to your own rights as long as they do not effect other people.  You can be a prostitute, sure.  But you cannot force someone into prostitution.  Likewise, murder is not defended by libertarianism.  Rape is not defended.  Robbery is not defended (I could totally make a joke here about taxes, but I won’t).  Assault is not defended.  I do not believe that abortion should be defended, either.

At 21 days old, a heart is beating.  If someone in the hospital is brain dead, their hearts are still beating, no?  They are still, under law, alive.  I believe that we should extend those rights to unborn children. as they have a heartbeat.

If you want to argue medical care, show me a case that is actually life-threatening to the mother.  I’m serious.  Show it to me.  I’d love to hear of a mother who had to terminate her pregnancy because of a life-or-death health issue.

Rape and incest.  Oh boy, this is touchy.  Personally, I know individuals conceived out of rape.  Guess what?  Their mothers love them.  They are making a difference.  Quite honestly, they are good people.  Never once were they regretted.  Their situation, sure, their conception, absolutely, their existence, no, never.

What about the “the population is too big” argument?  Oh man, so much dislike for this one.  Those same people are the ones fighting for human rights for the next generation, which I find a bit ironic, given that they want the population to be smaller.  The population is growing because we are living longer (again, the jokes I could make are many).

I could back this up with my beliefs.  I believe that God created each and every life for its own reason and purpose.  I believe that we are all here at the same time for the same reason.  I wholeheartedly believe these things.

Each life has the right to live how they choose.  You are entitled to your own rights, as long as they do not inflict upon another person.  Light your house on fire if you so choose, but just make sure that the ashes do not spread into your neighbors yard.  Likewise, it is your life to choose, but once there is a “clump of cells” in your uterus, it is no longer your decision.


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