why reverse racism does not exist

r/tumblrinaction [sanity Sunday] is my actual favorite


  Wanna hear a big secret?  I’m white.  Caucasian. Cracker. Whatever the heck you want to call me, that’s what I am. I’m not ashamed to be white. I wouldn’t say that I’m proud to be white, but I definitely will embrace my culture. 

  Wanna hear another big secret?  I’m not a racist. I’m not rich. 

  I hate the term reverse racism, because there is no such thing as reverse racism. Only racism. 

  Do I think that other ethnicities have it more difficult in terms of economics and social struggle?  Absolutely. Do I think that currently the majority of people in power are whites?  Sure. Does that make mean that I can’t experience racism?  No, no it does not. 

  I’ll never forget it. I was about seven years old playing on the church playground. A group of girls were playing tag and I wanted to join. Admittedly, I was a chubby, generally non-athletic kid (was?  Low-key still am). Athleticism was not on my side. 

  A few minutes in, I began feeling disparaged. The girls barely included me and mostly played with themselves. I meab, quite honestly, big deal. They’re just a friend group that I wasn’t in. Whatever. That’s common for girls. 

  “You’re just mad because white people can’t run as fast.” The ringleader of the group called over. 

  Now, I don’t blame the girl. I don’t blame her at all. She was no more than a third grader. I blame her parents. Her aunts and uncles. Her friends. Whoever  taught her that such a small thing mattered. 

  Try getting on food stamps or welfare if you’re white. “White privilege” is assumed and everyone glares at you or makes jokes. 

  Try hearing jokes made again and again about the color of your skin, but if your return a joke, you’re a racist. 

  Try people making assumptions about your biases before you open your mouth (this can be said for all races). 

  Reverse racism does not exist. Racism is having a prejudice against someone for their race. If you dislike someone just for that, you are a racist. If you’re Asian and dislike Hispanics, you’re racist. If you’re Black and dislike Whites, you’re racist. If you’re Mixed and dislike Blacks, if you’re racist. Simple enough. 


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