why the travels of gulliver described my middle school years

edit:  old school post, man, i’m sorry


    Discrimination; it is something that we all have faced. Whether it is for our gender, race, clothing choices, behavior, or musical tastes, we will all face it at some point or another.
            No literary character knows this better than Gulliver.  He is literally judged for his size by Lilliputians.  They pick apart his every feature.  
            This brings back memories from the dreaded middle school years.  I was such a shy soul, lost inside my own little shell.  This made me an easy target to those trying to prove themselves.  I was Gulliver, having tiny arrows shot at me, thinking that I was tied up (although, I could have just turned away, but, at the time, I did not know that).
            Now, however, I am easily one of the most overly-extroverted individuals that I know of.  I broke outside of that little shell to find that the world is such an exciting place.  Life is an adventure that I view by playing on the court; no longer do I view it from the sidelines.  
            The Lilliputians may have been powerful when together, but individually, Gulliver could have easily smashed one with his thumb.  While he really was tied down, the ropes which I faced were mere fragments of my imagination, and all I had to do to escape was sit up.


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