what should i write about?

You, my dearest followers, are for whom I write.  I’ve tried to keep up with the likes and views and which posts seemed to gauge the most interest, but as I see no trends, I may as well ask you guys.  What is it that you would like to read?

I love politics.  Are there any topics you want covered?

Would you like for me to talk more about my everyday adventures, my life IS quite an adventure (hence the Instagram, @adventureswithalexis)?

What about social issues?  World news write ups?  (Every morning I Google “world news xx/xx)


I also have a plethora of knowledge rushing around in my brain about various cults and crimes (that makes me sound like a freak, but truthfully, they make for good reading.)  I could do an evaluation and pull a Websleuths.

I also write poetry and short stories.  I was thinking of doing a Short Story Saturday type thing, would anyone be interested in that?

Truthfully, this post makes me sound quite pathetic.  And perhaps I really am.  But here I sit, at Starbucks, holding a vague conversation with the barista (she gave me the greatest coffee recommendation.  A Cold Brew.  If you like sugar and strong coffee TRY IT.  10/10 will recommend.  You will not regret it.)

As I have previously mentioned, I tend to write several posts at a time and schedule them all in one lump sum.

ALSO.  Check out my post on globalmillenial.com (I need a cool URL like that), David’s a great guy, you should check out his blog.

Checking out for now!

Edit:  You have to scroll to almost the bottom of the page to comment.  So do that.


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