dear seniors, college won’t make your life better

Dear Seniors,

College won’t make your life better.

There’s this pet peeve of mine.  It’s the hype of I’m-graduating-soon-life-will-be-great-once-i-get-to-x-and-x.

No.  That’s not how any of this works.

College won’t make your life better.

I, as a senior, wholeheartedly understand it.  I really do.  In fact, there are exactly 35 Mondays until I get to college.  It’s exciting.  Soon, I’ll be in a dorm with new people in a new place learning new things at a new school.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s like running a race to see change on the other side.

But, it won’t make my life better.  It will only make it different.

I am the same person as I will be there and will ultimately bring the same struggles.  I stay up too late at nights and have the tendency to not sleep well.  I can only assume that this issue will worsen when I get to college.  I will be in a new bed trying to adjust.  Moving into a new place will not automatically make me a different person.

I write this not to be discouraging.  I don’t want to pop your bubble.  The many future potential college-mates on my Instagram who may or may not read this (I say this bearing in mind that I will attend one of two colleges.  I will reveal more at a later date) may just hate me for it.  In fact, they are the most guilty of “everything-will-change-itis”.

Senioritis is real.  I can’t name the amount of times I’ve been annoyed by underclassmen.  Sorry guys, you’ll understand when you get here.  Seniors are lit and you’re… It’s nothing personal.  It really isn’t.

If anything, I feel like the ideology of everything changing is what makes so many freshman college students depressed.  They have high hopes, only to have them crushed.

In conclusion, don’t expect all of your issues to change when you go to a new place.  Change is great, but it doesn’t really change anything.  You can’t run away from your mind.  If anything, use these 35 Mondays to work on yourself and your issues and your relationships.  Distance doesn’t help most relationship issues.  And I’m not talking about your boyfriend, either, chances are you’ll break up after the Summer anyway.

(To prove a point about underclassmen, a group of them just walked into Starbucks and ARE SO LOUD.  The lady across from me left.  Ughhhh.  BEING OBNOXIOUS AND LOUD DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOL.  Also, to the guy in the Thrasher hoodie who obviously doesn’t skate and just bought the girl the frappe, she is SO not into you.  And guys, don’t act like I didn’t see someones mom drive you here.  She’s acting like she’s not listening.  But she is.  Don’t be dumb.)

Update:  Some freshman ordered a coffee under the name “Hulk”.  They all laughed.  That’s hilarious.  Wow.  I’m laughing so hard.  Seriously, dude, you sound like you’re twelve.


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