the start of a semester

Not long ago, I wrote about the death of a semester.  The end of things.  The loss of friendships.

However, today begins a new semester.  I met four new professors, started four new classes, and spoke to people in all four classes.  As is turns out, in two of them, I had friends.

For my first and second classes, I have the same professor in the same classroom.  It was pretty chill, being able to sit in the same classroom and not actually having to move.  I like that professor a lot.

I plan on utilizing what I learn into the creation of this blog.  Specifically, three of my classes are business and one is an advanced psychology, in addition to American Sign Language and PE, so I will have to be creative.  But we shall see.

As comes with new responsibilities, I may not be as active up here.  I will desperately try, don’t get me wrong.  However, I will be scheduling posts, and I currently have them scheduled weekly until February.  Hopefully, I will get enough scheduled that it school overwhelms me for a week, this blog will not become a ghost town.

If you need me, still feel free to contact me!  Time management was my goal last semester, and for this semester I will try to better myself in prioritizing my interests along with those of school.  Classes shall not consume me.

Signing off for now.  🙂



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