why we love horror

  Edit:  Here’s an old paper that I enjoyed and thought that you would, too.  I plan on posting a lot of these.  🙂

            We are not immaculate, nor are we immutable.  We are not indispensable; and we are most certainly not forever.  What are we?  We are humans, lest we forget that.
            We go through our everyday lives expecting great things.  We aim for high test scores, many goals in a sports game, acceptance into a large college, marriage to a financially stable individual, and intelligent children whom are able to repeat the cycle.  But, what is it all for?  Our culture mirrors a race; a race in which everyone is running away from the finish line, even though no one seems to know where it is or what is on the side.
            These day to day interactions which our society encourages; getting good grades in school – just so that one get accepted into a nice college.  After that, one can graduate with a trusty degree and a well-paying job.  Money is a root in which we find comfort.  It is physical and produces mostly concrete rewards.  Money can pay for electricity, vehicles, technology, medical care and even a child.
            All of the things which money can buy can be registered with our five senses.  We use it as our motivator to navigate daily stressors.  Despite this, even scientists believe that there is something more; identified at ‘Psi’ by them STEM field, extra-sensory perception by skeptics, and Spirituality by Christianity, whatever you want to call it, three in four Americans believe in a form supernatural activity (Moore.)
            There is something about a reminder that we are ephermal; here for a moment and gone the next.  The horror and gore of a car accident shows us what we are truly made of (pun intended) and it forces us to tear down our walls.
            Frankenstein, a classic novel by M. Shelley, reflects these concepts.  It perfectly shows how we are fascinated by horror and the concept of life itself.  It is a timeless classic which perfectly illustrates how valuable life really is, and how we should not distract ourselves from that.  

Works Cited
Moore, David W. Three in Four Americans Believe in Paranormal.  Gallup, 16 June 2005.  Web.  7 April 2016.

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