little alterations

My oh my, it’s 2017!  Not like “Happy New Year!” or “Changes” or “11 Reasons to Not Keep a Resolution” haven’t monopolized the internet for the past 26 hours (bless, we’re already 26 hours into 2017), but, I’m here for the same reason.  Happy New Year.

Now, my dear reader, it’s time for your input.  As this blog grows in popularity (yet again, thanks to WordPress) I want to know what you would like to read.  Short creative stories?  Political rants?  World news?  Rants about society?  Sociology?  Poetry?  Ramblings about classical literature?  Quite honestly, we all know that if I come up with something, I’m going to publish it anyway (this blog really has little direction).  But, if there’s something that you want to read, drop it below and I’ll make sure to try and write on it!

My New Year goal (I don’t keep resolutions) was to write an hour everyday (journal, school, letter writing, blogging, it isn’t exclusive) and to work towards fluency in Spanish (not like my blog title is in Spanish or anything).

ANYWAY, drop what you would like to read!

And with that, 2016 is dead and we’re going to make 2017 the best yet.


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