to the little girl who cried rape


  Dear Little Girl Who Cried Rape,

  You made a grave mistake. Simple enough.  You may think that claiming a rape that either didn’t happen or claimed that you were nonconsensual (when you actually were) isn’t that big of a deal. Having some guy sent off to prison?  NBD. His entire life shadowed by your morning after regret?  Totally not a big deal. 

   Although statistics on this topic are muddy, they estimate that 2-8% of accused rape cases are proven fake (by either the ‘victim’ recounting their claim or by the investigators deciding that there isn’t enough evidence). However, there have been instances of rape where the perpetrator was convicted on sole victim and occasional witness testimony (ABC News). 

This guy. This guy gets it. 

   The problem with rape is that just like domestic abuse, it’s primarily a he-said-she-said case. Evidence often includes bodily fluids and hair, the same thing that would be there if the sex was consensual. If the sex was rough, tearing, bruises, and scratches, but yet again, the same could present with consensual sex. 

   All of this isn’t to advocate for rapists. If you have sex with someone without their will, then frankly, you’ve made a grave mistake and I hope that justice is served. This isn’t to shame victims who may have had a case dismissed due to lack of evidence or who were too afraid to report due to lack of evidence. This post extends solely to the guys and gals thinking about claiming rape when it didn’t actually happen. I dream of a society where fake rape accusations are treated as harshly as rape itself, but until then, we need to work on ourselves as a whole. 

   If you’ve been a victim of a fake rape accusation, please get help. There are many resources out there to help you. 

   And if you’ve made a fake report accusation, it isn’t too late to contact the law and tell them what you’ve done. Just think of the many people ruined by this. Please.

Adding this because it makes my blood boil


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