a kms culture

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  Meme: (-m) a picture, typically humorous, that encompasses the ideology of that culture. Spread on the internet. 
  KMS: An abbreviation for “kill myself”
“I just lost my wallet kms”
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  Okay, I love some dank memes. Many nights have been spent crawling the depths of 4chan searching for a thread to make my sides jump in vicarious laughter. After hitting up Tumblr, I end my meme search in the Instagram discovery section, looking for any dankness which may have slipped through the cracks. Quite honestly, I love memes. Pepe, Kermit, you name it, I know it. Memes, man.
A recent meme movement has been the “kms” movement. KMS stands for “Kill My Self”. Quite literally, the jokes relate to a wish for death and a loss of hope. Quite honestly, 96.8% of the dark meme posters are not actually suicidal nor would they have a diagnosable mental condition. Yet, the jokes are there. 
  In modern society, a dark day has become synonymous with depression. A fear of public speaking is associated with anxiety. Can’t sit still?  Obviously you have ADHD.  It’s funny, according to this online community, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and dissociative disorders aren’t as rampant, despite a similar level of diagnoses from psychological professionals. Why?  They aren’t as popular. No one thinks that being autistic is cute. No one gives you sympathy for having hallucinations, they think that you’re crazy.  
  When we covered the topic of eating disorders, my Psychology professor said that EDNOS exists for two reasons – one, for those with an eating disorder that has not yet progressed to a diagnosable state or are fighting, and two, for those who try and ‘become anorexic’ and lose control. Want to guess which group gains more sympathy?
  I got sidetracked.  Okay, back to my point. The frequency of “kms” being used in conjunction with “funny” or “acceptable” is not okay. If a suicidal idealistic individual were to frequently hear this saying, couldn’t they get triggered?  
  As someone who has seen the darkest recesses of the mind of humanity, I say, with common decency, stop saying KMS. If you’re aren’t going to actually kill yourself, stop talking the attention away from those who are. 
  Disclaimer: this post makes me sound like an SJW Tumblrina. As my posts progress, you’ll be better able to tell that I’m honestly not. To prove a point, I’m not a feminist.

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